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  • Access to Dang Video Editors, Access to Dang Graphic Designers, Unlimited Requests, Unlimited Revisions, Up to 10 min videos, up to 20gb Assets per Request, 4K Footage (limited), Graphic Meme Templates Included, Video Thumbnails, Basic Video Animation, Licensed Free Stock Footage, Licensed Free Music & Sound FX, Video Review Tool, Slack Communication and Easy Social Creative Process - Send videos, photos, pdfs, podcasts, articles, blogs, websites and any material we can use to create branded graphics and videos.
  • This plan is perfect for:
  • Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Social Media Influencers, Small Business Owners, Real Estate Agents, Business Coaches, Restaurants, Fitness & Health Coaches, Industry Leaders and Speakers and any one who already has a content plan in place and knows what they want with graphics and videos.